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Dober dan in dobrodošli!

Hello and welcome!

Welcome to the Faculty of Architecture in Ljubljana. The school has a long and quite enviable tradition and we are very pleased you will help enrich this tradition still further with your experiences and different cultural backgrounds. We offer Single masters study programme in architecture, lasting 5 years, as well as 1st and 2nd cycle study of urbanism lasting 3+2 years, and bologna doctoral programme in architecture (3 years). The Erasmus programme is connecting the youth all over Europe creating bonds which will last for a lifetime. This certainly is EU at its best. The Erasmus is not the only option, there are several other options within Erasmus Mundus programme: Basileus, etc. We also accept visiting students.
Architecture as a universal phenomenon, science and language can be another bond that will hold us together not only as friends, acquaintances but also as professionals who will search for local qualities and particularities in the globalised world, respectfully transfer and responsibly adapt the examples from one culture to another and thus enrich our cultures still further.

Enjoy your stay at our school, in Ljubljana and Slovenia!

Study hard but also don't forget to make it the best year ever - find new friends, travel, get to know Slovenia, its architecture, culturaly rich regions, etc!


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++ INCOMING STUDENTS - SUMMER SEMESTER: We will have our first Erasmus meeting on Tuesday, 19. February 2019, at 13:00, room 42. Through the entrance (Zoisova c. 12, old building, dark blue doors), up the stairs, 2nd and a half floor. We will go through all the basics, information, LAs, programme, activities, study process, etc. It is very strongly suggested you attend (if you are able to).

++ TIMETABLES / SCHEDULE for summer semester is available below

++ We will have our first Erasmus meeting on Wednesday, 26. September 2018 (for all students coming in winter semester and for two semesters), at 12:00 in Vurnikova lecturing hall. Through the entrance (Zoisova c. 12, old building, dark blue doors), up the first flight of steps, left down the corridor, through a couple of glass doors, past the elevator and into the new building – first lecturing hall on the right, looking towards gardens. We will go through all the basics, information, LAs, programme, activities, study process, etc. It is very strongly suggested you attend (if you are able to).

++ SCHEDULE for winter semester is available below

++ Design studios for Erasmus will start after 9.10., untill then please do not attend the DS meetings or approach the mentors

++ elective subjects start on the second week of october (9.10. onwards)

++ when selecting courses and subjects during enrolment process (SIS) please bear in mind that you are selecting them for the whole year now, at the beginning (if you are staying for 2 semesters); the same goes for Design studios - only students coming in second semester will be able to choose DS mentors at midterm

++ Date reminders
1. October
- start of lectures and exercises
7. October
- deadline for Design studio mentor selection, see the list on the incoming page (valid for Architecture students, NOT Urbanism students)
9. October
- digital ID instructions and access codes available in the office for student affairs,with that the enrolment proceedures can start in SiS
- start of the enrolment finalization process, you can start bringing the signed enrolment sheets from SiS (NOT LAs!) to Ms Katja Knez, big glass window, ground floor
22. October
- deadline for enrolment finalization, everybody should be finished by this time and given the signed enrolment sheet to Ms Knez
6. November
- deadline for LA changes in the first semester

++ LIST OF DESIGN STUDIO MENTORS FOR 2018/19 please add your name and email to the list; the sooner you do this the more options you have - first come first served basis; 5 students per mentor is the upper limit; ONE STUDENT = ONE MENTOR, see further instructions in the spreadsheet. DS2,3,4 are 2 semesters long (!) subjects, DS5 is one semester subject - this one is available to all students staying only 1 semester; deleting your fellow students from the list will be sanctioned severely!

++ LIST OF ELECTIVE SUBJECTS 2018/19: put your names and emails to chosen elective subjects. An individual can choose up to 5 elective subjects per year.

++ LIST FOR ORGANIZED INDIVIDUAL DISCUSSIONS ABOUT LAs - for those who would like to do it and have specific questions which were not covered at our first meeting; put your name into the free slot and come at the start of that session! The discussions will be in room #42 - office of the coordinator, 2nd and 1/2 floor.

++ The SCHEDULE/TIMETABLE is available - in english and slovene. It is prone to changes. You will compare it to the Slovene version for the actual updates. Overlaping of the courses is sometimes not a problem for Erasmus - it may be arranged with the teacher, sometimes there is a separate group or individual work outside the scheduled time. Design studios do not generaly happen according to the schedule, mentors will advise when.

++ FA ENROLMENT PROCEDURES: The online enrolment into our Student information system (or SiS) will start on 9 October 2016. The detailed instructions will follow at the meeting. The enrollment is essential for digital identity, e-classroom and wi-fi access.

++ EMSO numbers will be ready by our first meeting (hopefully). The number is significant but most of you notice it due to the food coupon system.

++ YEARBOOK 2012/13 - study works and achievements of our students in Design Studios and competitions - for incoming students: useful insight into the topics and demands of DS, when deciding on the DS mentors!

++ LIBRARY regulations: incoming students at our faculty are free to use the library and distant access services; however, they cannot take out the books. It is possible to borrow a book or a magazine for short amount of time to copy some pages and bring it back immediately. The new policy emerged due to the unpleasant experience of last couple of years, where students borrowed the books and have never returned them.

++ Keep following these pages, all updates will be posted here.

Who are we / Contact Info

Erasmus Departmental Coordinator:
doc. dr. Matevž Juvančič
(pronounced mateush juvanchich)
e-mail (preferred contact):
Tel. +386 1 2000 715 (at the faculty)
Fax. +386 1 2000 712

The time reserved for face-to-face discussions with Erasmus students and candidates in summer semester: Thursdays, 13.00-13.45h; Room 42, 2nd and 1/2 floor. Other hours are possible (although not preferred) if necessary, but the meetings have to be pre-arranged (per email). Please respect this, as we are also involved in teaching and research and have to plan our time - so, showing on our doors unannounced (except at hours provided) is frowned upon.

At the faculty we are dealing with all the matters concerning your studies and study programme (i.e. learning agreements), all other things regarding your stay in Ljubljana are in the hands of International office at the University (accomodation, public transport IDs, language courses, etc).

Faculty's office for student affairs (SiS system, enrolment, etc.):
they have openning hours for students - please follow their schedule posted on the door (Room 14).

Ms. Katja Knez:

Ms. Mojca Rozman, head of the office

International office of University has their offices nearby in the University of Ljubljana building, Kongresni trg 12 (along Vegova ulica - past Križanke and National Library and you are on Kongresni trg - Zvezda park). The head of the office is:

Erasmus Institutional Coordinator Ms. Katja Cerjak
Tel.: +386 1 241 85 90
Fax: +386 1 241 85 93

You have probably had contacts with the office and will certainly have more of them in the future as you will need (also) their signatures on learning agreements and other documents.


Deadlines for Erasmus applicants:

for winter semester: 15. May
(in next study year, i.e. application by 15.5.2010 for winter semester 2010/11)

for summer semester: 15. November
(in next study year, i.e. application by 15.11.2010 for summer semester 2010/11)

The application process is now internet based --> After your home university has nominated you to study at the University of Ljubljana as an exchange student, you should fill in an online application There is no need to send a paper copy of the application.


Tutorship for incoming students

At the Faculty of architecture we have established tutorship for incoming students. The tutors can help you with study related questions as well as practical and administrative matters.

Our tutors have prepared the welcome letter, where-in they are introducing themselves, providing their contact details and explaining how they can help you with the study and extracurricular matters.

Do not hesitate to contact them.

School year 2018/2019


Timetables 2018 / 2019 (courses, lectures, exercises) - summer semester updated 30.1.19
The schedules are prone to change, for the updates please compare them with slovene version here. Look up: "URNIK - poletni semester ...več"

Important dates: Holidays in Slovenia:

school year 1.10.18 - 30.9.19

winter semester 1.10.18 - 18.1.19

winter exam period 21.1.19 - 15.2.19

summer semester 18.2.19 - 31.5.19
design studio exhibitions 3.6.19 - 7.6.19
june exam period 10.6.19 - 12.7.19
fall exam period 19.8.19 - 13.9.19

summer vacation 13.7.19 - 18.8.19

Dan reformacije 31. october
Dan Spomina na mrtve 1. november
Božič 25. december (till 1. january)
Dan samostojnosti 26. december
Novo leto 1. and 2. january
Slovenski kulturni praznik 8. february
Velika noč 21. and 22. april
Dan upora proti okupatorju 27. april
Praznik dela 1.-2. may
Dan državnosti 25. june
Marijino vnebovzetje 15. august


Study programme

STUDY PROGRAMME FOR ERASMUS 2018/19 STUDENTS (at the moment the new brochure is being edited - the 17/18 can be used for orientation)
subjects **not available** to Erasmus students in 17/18 are listed in the schedules of this year winter & summer and it is assumed they will not be available in the 18/19 as well. Students are free to choose subject regardless of the year they are in at home institution. Please ignore the A and B classification of elective subjects, this is not relevant for the exchange students. The number of elective subjects to be attended is limited to 5 per year for the exchange students. No division of credits in Design studios will be possible as of next year, meaning: those who will wish to select one semester long DS will need to choose DS5 (11 ECTS). DS2, 3 and 4 are one year, 2 semesters only subjects (16 ECTS). Students will be allocated to design studio mentors. Students can put Intensive Course of Slovene (3 ECTS) into the Learning Agreements (LA) if they chose to attend the course. Elective subjects are due to be restructered in 18/19 but we expect them to be similar to 17/18. The final list of available elective subjects in 18/19 will not be known before October 2018, thus all electives in your LAs will be under question (marked: ?). It is reasonable to select arround 20 ECTS of courses per semester and we will not confirm LAs with more then 30 ECTS for 1 semester or 60 for 2 semesters.

PHD PROGRAMME AVAILABLE TO ERASMUS STUDENTS (only for those who are studying on the doctorate level and bilateral agreements support this kind of exchange!)



Architecture studies and language
The official language in all courses is Slovene, although in design studios and courses the Erasmus students can communicate and work individually with teachers in English (main subjects usually). Mixed groups of Erasmus and Slovene students are encouraged when group work is in question. Where there is a majority of Erasmus students (in elective courses usually) the consensus is often reached and lectures and communication are then done in English. Such and arrangement has proven to work quite well and most of the students cope very well as long as their command of English is on a sufficient level. Some of the teachers are also fluent in other foreign languages (German, Italian, French, Croatian, Serbian).

Required Language Skills
Students must present a language certificate of their Slovene or English language skills. Very good language skills refer to level B2 on the CEFR scale of the European Language Portfolio Levels.

How to prove the language skills in Slovene or English

  • Language skills are listed on the Transcript of Records of the home university; or
  • Submit the Language Certificate with CEFR scale; or
  • Submit TOEFL score of 79 (IBT) or IELTS score of 6 for English

An internet page dedicated specifically to language considerations: Slovene - English and studies at the Slovene universities.

Visiting students
/ Guest students

The term 'visiting' or 'guest' student is reserved for students who wish to study in Ljubljana but their home institutions have no bilateral agreements with our faculty or they are not able to use those connections due to different reasons.
There are three possible durations of the exchange: 3 months, 1 semester or 2 semesters.
The visiting students are able to attend the lectures and exams in the duration of their stay and before departure receive the transcript of records.
The requirements are:
- finished bachelor's degree or 1st bologna cycle or 120 ECTS
- approval of their home institution
- proof of compulsory health insurrance at ZZZS Slovenia
- enrolment at home institution during the period of the exchange
- active use of slovene or english
The visiting students are not excempt from tuition fee which is calculated on the basis of University of Ljubljana annual's price list. Look up 'Cenik solnin za 1. in 2. stopnjo in stari podiplomski studij', look under FA; the sum is divided by 3 for three months, by 2 for 1 semester and full price for 2 semesters.

The freemover students fall under the category of visiting students (we do not accept Erasmus freemovers)

Accommodation info

For accomodation information please first turn to the International office of the University of Ljubljana. If student rooms are unavailable there you can turn to student organization, international section of ŠOUand also platform

Essentials (to-do)




:after arrival

* go to International office in the University building Kongresni trg 12

* attend the first meeting for (all) Erasmus incoming students at the Faculty of Architecture

* after the start of the lectures go to the courses you would like to attend and choose the design studio (helping to decide: there is usually an exhibition of student work in each design studio, talk to fellow students, ask students in the design studios how the work looks like and their opinion)

* finalize the learning agreement with the coordinator by 24. October.

* formaly enroll at the Faculty of architecture (e-form) after the date and instructions provided

:during the school year

* study, attend the classes and engage in the schools activities

* change the learning agreement if necessary after previous discussion with coordinator and give the copy of changes to the students' office.

* Changes to the Learning agreements are limited to a specific timeframes in the year. In winter semester, you will be able to change LAs by 24. October and in summer semester from 15. February to 15. March. The changes prior or afterwards or at the end of your stay are not possible.

:before departure

* take care that you have all the courses put into the ŠIS - system otherwise the teachers will not be able to give you the grades

* ask teachers to grade you (during the holidays and summer it is hard to find them)

* if you leave before you have all the grades take special care to have all your courses put into the ŠIS system, remind teachers you will not be around to ask for the grades and arrange with the students' office for transcript of records to be mailed to you !!! and notify the office for student affairs when you have all the grades in the SIS + provide the address where the TR should be mailed.

(preferable method and the best for having it immediately) or they will be mailed to your address upon your request per email (please state the correct address, they will be sent only once); CONFIRMATION OF STAY form can be acquired and signed at the coordinator's office #42, it will not be sent per regular post!

How to find us

Where are we

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Other info about Slovenia

Official Travel Guide to Slovenia by Slovenian Tourist Board

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