To ensure that all papers are presented in a similar way we are kindly asking you to adhere to the instructions issued hereafter:

  • Text of papers should normally not exceed 3000 words.
  • Papers must be written in error free English language.
  • Papers should be in MS Word format.
  • Graphs / charts should be inserted as pictures to minimise file size.
  • All pictures larger than 12 cm or 350 pixels wide must be downsized to 350 pixels or 12 cm wide at 72 dpi.
  • Papers should start with an abstract (max 250 words).
  • File name should include your last name and first name inital (e.g. Mueller_M_pap doc).
  • Papers should be sent as e-mail attachment to
  • Participants will not be allowed more than one presentation, but may be listed as a co-author of several papers.

Deadline for submission of papers is 31 January 2008.
The papers will be published in the conference proceedings after the conference.



The Conference is organised by the University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Architecture; Urban Planning Institute of the Republic of Slovenia and Regione Veneto.