University of Ljubljana Faculty of architecture, Zoisova 12, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia

tel. +386 1 2000 715
fax +386 1 2000 712

The facutly is located near Krizanke monastery, Plecnik's National Library and the town part named Krakovo, also near Ljubljanica river - Karlovski bridge.

It consists of an 'old' building and 'new' annex (road going down, right hand side). The main entrance is from the street, old building, blue door.

Student Accomodation
Hotel Emonec

The student accommodation is booked at the Hotel Emonec. 1 x 6 beds and 2 x 5 beds rooms with bathrooms will be available. It is in the heart of the city, 5 minute walking distance away from the school of architecture. The hotel is located on the inner yard, accessible from Wolfova street.

The acommodation costs for participanting students are covered by the organizers!!

Directions at the hotel homesite:

Reception: 24/7
Checkout: 10am
Ph.: +386 1 200 15 20
Fax: +386 1 200 15 21
Address: Wolfova 12, Ljubljana

100% of accommodation and up to 75% of travel costs (up to the sum on the table distributed) is covered by the organizing institution

For further info see info sheet sent to your teachers

Teacher Accommodation
City Hotel

The City Hotel is located in the city centre (5 min to Tromostovje bridges and Prešeren square) between the main train station (5 min) and the school of architecture (10 minute walk). It has just been renovated.

Bookings are made. The acommodation costs for participanting teachers are covered by the organizers!!

Guests can rent bicycles free of charge.

The directions and additional info are best read at the hotel homepage:

CITY HOTEL Ljubljana
Dalmatinova 15
SI- 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia, EU
tel: +386 1 239 00 00
fax: +386 1 239 00 01




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